People’s Choice Fencing Company is your #1 local fence company in the greater Cleveland area!


Beckiano Digital Marketing had the recent opportunity to work with a local fencing company near you.  When we first started the project, there was no website and just hopes and dreams of building a successful people oriented fencing company that genuinely had their clients best interest in mind.  People’s Choice Fencing Company was our very first client and it proved to be a great start for their company as well as ours in the home service based business!

PCFC started their company in Columbia Station, Ohio and later took it to Brunswick Ohio.  While there’s so many great local fencing companies, these guys are truly unique in their approach.  They take the time to get the job done right and at an affordable price, even if that means delaying jobs and even losing jobs to competition.  The reason they may sometimes lose a job is when the conditions are not good for your yard and your nice grass may be torn up by their heavy machines.  Unfortunately, other fencing companies do not repair the lawns they tear up.

If you are searching for a fencing company in Cleveland, give People’s Choice Fencing company a call.  They will treat you like family!