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8 out of 10 people you pass while out shopping, dining, or work with will log into Facebook today. That means that 80% of the people you see on a daily basis can and will become your client or someone else’s client when the need for your services arises.

Instagram receives 32% of Americans logging into it daily, followed by 31% for Pinterest, and Linkedin has 29% followed by Twitter with 24%.

When Beckiano builds your social media presence, we love utilizing Facebook Ads. Many companies have tried Facebook Ads and failed greatly in the past. Not us. Our founder, Dennis Kubitz, managed one many Facebook accounts for one of ecommerce and digital marketing’s top individual in the industry. The monthly ad spend averaged $250,000.

At Beckiano, we know what works and we know what to test in order to generate success and leads for your business. Let’s get you some of the lowest cost exposure online today.