Importance of PPC

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Search Engine Optimization 2019 in Cleveland, OH

It’s no longer 1999.  Heck, it’s no longer 2016.  If you want your business to rank high in local and national searches in 2019, you must invest time and money into your search engine optimization.  There’s an old saying, “If you want to hide a dead body, put it on page 2 in Google.”

Did you know that 95% of searches on Google end on page 1? According to recent studies, 30% of all page 1 clicks are on Google Ads and 70% of clicks are on the organic rankings on page 1.

Getting a better ranking for your website among the thousand other sites offering similar service is an uphill task, for sure. That’s why adopting an effective SEO strategy will surely help your business generate more awareness and traffic.  At the end of the day, it’s a numbers game and our goal is to get you as much real estate on page 1 as possible.

Is PPC right for my business?

This is why PPC is appropriate for any company with a Website:

Your business, like any other business online, is simply a business of numbers. The numbers game stands true and always will for the test of time.
The equation goes like this – The more people that your business gets in front of, the more you will sell your goods or services. If it takes 200 website visitors to receive you fully qualified client (lead), and that one client generates $5,000 profit, then we need 1000 website visitors to produce $25,000 profit for your business through your website.
When combining PPC with effective SEO, your chances of more business and profits greatly increases. You can select only PPC or only SEO, but we recommend BOTH for maximum earnings potential long term.

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What Do you Need From Me? 

Every business is different.
Our goal is to make this as seemless as possible and have you completely hands off so you can work on growing your business and being the head of your company.

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“I don’t spend money on paper ads anymore…”

As a results of their marketing, I no longer need to spend money on paper ads anymore….

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