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Welcome to Beckiano, your Cleveland SEO Company and full service digital marketing agency.  This is where it all started for Beckiano’s Digital Marketing Company.  Cleveland holds a special place in all of our hearts. The natives are some of the hardest working blue collar people in America.  We’ve earned every bit of what we have today and nothing can take that away.  That’s exactly why Beckiano is going to work very hard for you and your business.

Cleveland SEO Services

Is your company looking to increase your websites traffic in order to generate more leads for your business?  We’ve heard it all before from small business owners.  Many businesses have tried hiring a digital marketing agency to try to improve their search engine optimization.  Most of the time you’ll see 6 months go by and have no idea what really went on with all the money you’re forking out on your SEO services.  Worst yet, you still barely have big money keywords cracking the first page.

Why Choose Beckiano as your Cleveland SEO Agency?

When you work with us, you become part of our family.  We have a saying in our office and we expect everyone to work by this motto. “Treat everyone like they are your super sweet and almost overbearing with love, Grandmother!”  Every day you work with us you will have peace of mind knowing that we are working towards your goals which at the end of the day is increased revenue.  You will receive monthly reports and we will break down what we are doing behind the scenes that will help rank your website and bring on more high ticket clients.

How does our Search Engine Optimization Company “Structure” your Website?

If we have the privilege of working with you, we have a full set of goal in mind for the first month you join our family.  In month one you can expect us to work on the technical SEO and keyword research.  We send one of the best Cleveland technical SEO gurus loose into the backend of your website.  They will work on optimizing every page on your website with all sorts of SEO magic so your website can talk to Google better.

Imagine being at the beach and having a conversation with someone under the water.  You probably wouldn’t understand much of the conversation.  You would also lose interest really fast and not want to talk to this person under water again.  That is what its like when Google tries to understand a website with poor technical SEO.  Google sends your customer 10 websites they think are relevant to their search.  If Google scans your site to see if it’s a match and your website is difficult to understand, you won’t rank high for your customers to find your business.  Then Google will penalize your website and your rankings drop even more.

Month 2 and beyond we will focus on building your brand.  Google has a major focus on brands and their algorithm is geared towards branding.  Beckiano’s team of SEO experts will be busy working on backlinks to your site and creating powerful content that will draw users and more backlinks to your site.  We have a state of the art system in place for your social media signals for your website as well.  All of these SEO duties will have a powerful impact on your rankings.

Contact us today or fill out the form below.  You will get a free SEO analysis of your website even if you don’t choose our SEO services!